On Tuesday January 24, 2023 during the school board meeting Ms. Jenkins reminded everyone that bringing up the drugging and raping of a 13 year old girl can not be talked about, even though the incident was reported to the guidance councilor and SRO of one of the schools located in her district. “Don’t use that. Don’t you dare!” were her words. 
Yet a few months back she literally read out the names of 72 murdered transexual people murdered all over the US.


We would like to wish all our supporters and members a wonderful New Year 2023 filled with happiness, health and laughter. May this be the year where we say goodbye to Ms. Jennifer Jenkins’ public life as a school board member.  


Another school board meeting, another “performance” from Ms. Jenkins. This is really getting embarrassing.


Today a special school board session took place. Could we make it mandatory for school board members to attend a course on decorum and respect for fellow collegues?


Things are not looking great for Ms. Jenkins. During the school board meeting on 12/13/2022 she did not get the support of the communities she always claims to speak for. First she got admonished by custodian Ernest Patton. 

After this things got even worse for her. Mike Mueller, a father of two children in the BPS system, brought light to Ms. Jenkins’ deceptiveness during his public comment. Please enjoy!


Today a Special session of the BPS school board took place and once again Ms. Jenkins did not disappoint. 

See for yourself here.



Our “favorite person in the world” had a complete and total meltdown during the school board meeting that took place on 11/22/2022. Jennifer Jenkins displayed incredibly unprofessional behavior during this meeting by lashing out at her colleagues, chewing gum and she was so belligerent that the chair had to cut off her microphone more than once. Such shameful behavior by an elected official for all to see. Brevard parents and taxpayers deserve better!!!
See for yourself HERE.

A particularly interesting exchange can be found at timestamp 3:55:59

Another one is at 4:08:05


Our apologies for not updating our website sooner but so much has happened behind the scenes, it was impossible to keep up. We were BUSY to say the least!

First and foremost, an enormous Thank You to everyone who has supported us so far. Without your help we would not have been able to make such drastic changes to our school board:

Chairperson Misty Belford, who voted for masking our children and tried her hardest to prevent Brevard parents and taxpayers from speaking during school board meetings, has been FIRED!!!
She lost her position on the board to Megan Wright, a wonderful person who will help bringing order to the board.
Pro-masking children Cheryl McDougall decided to retire and won’t seek reelection.
We supported school teacher and father of 5 children Gene Trent as a candidate for school board district #2 and he won!!!! He has experience and hands-on knowledge to enrich the BPS board and to help restore order and fiscal responsibility.
Another big win for Brevard was getting the Proposal #3 on the November 8th ballot which will outline a recall process of a county officer or A SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER! We are so glad Brevard voters supported having a recall option. A big Thank You to all who voted in favor.

Now that the election is over we are going to laser-focus on our main cause: Recalling Jennifer Jenkins.
Stay tuned!