Why are you only recalling Jennifer Jenkins?

Cheryl McDougall and Misty Belford also voted for a mandatory mask mandate with no opt-out but both of them are up for reelection in 2022. By the time the recall process concludes it will be time for the new election. We do not want to waste public resources. The voters will decide Ms McDougall’s and Ms Belford’s fate. Ms Jenkins current term will end in 3 years, hence we want to vote her out of office by recalling her. This is about Ms Jenkins’ being held accountable for her actions. She serves as an elected member of the Brevard School Board and her voting record clearly reflects non-compliance with Executive Order 21-175.



Who are the organizers of this campaign?

We are a grassroots movement comprised of concerned parents and community members of Brevard county who live in district #3. We formed organically after witnessing Ms Jenkins disregard for the law (Executive Order 21-175 – Ensuring Parents’ Freedom To Choose – Masks In Schools) while serving on the Brevard County School Board.



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